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Re: Lost souls pull/rob energy from nice old lady
By:Wendy Gillissen
Date: 2 April 2017

Dear Sarah,

The all-important thing to know about dealing with intrusive entities of all kinds, is that there usually is a ‘’point of attachment’’ or a ‘’point of entry’’ within the person they are trying to leech unto. It is usually a subconscious thing within the host, a weak point in their boundaries so to speak.

The problem isn’t really the entities. You can compare them with viruses: when our immune system is healthy, we don’t get ill and viruses don’t trouble us at all. The problem is a ‘’weak point’’ in the boundaries of the ‘’host’’, a not being fully and strongly present in the body, and/or psychological mechanisms that lean towards allowing others to cross our boundaries, be they physical or non-physical entities. When we are physically, psychologically or emotionally frail, absent (sleep, drug-induced states, unconsciousness etc) or distraught they can find a way in easier too.

The psychological weak point or point of entry can for instance be a subconscious need to help ‘’needy’’ beings, even when that help is inappropriate. It can be a need to please, to allow the other at the expense of ourselves, often a pattern of behaviour and even a survival mechanism started in childhood (or indeed, in a past life childhood).

It might be a past life oath we made to God to serve all and put the self last. It can be fear to stand up for ourselves and our boundaries because we were punished or even killed for it in this or a past life. We might even feel, deep inside, that we have no right to our own space at all.

It can be anything, that is why delving into the ‘’why’’ is so important when dealing with intrusive energies. Why do we subconsciously let them in so they can take advantage of us? When we are frail mentally or physically, intrusive and parasitic entities also can find an easier way in. That might be the reason sweet old ladies get targeted so much! Also, ladies of that generation were often told to be ‘’nice’’ and enable the other, and not set proper boundaries, which might also be a factor.

In the case of your mother, it might well be that the compounding factor is that she still has a subconscious need to help stemming from her unfulfilled desire to be a doctor. Coupled with physical frailty and maybe some personality traits that lean towards pleasing or enabling others, this might be the complex of reasons she is targeted so often. She might also carry a lot of light, and have a pure energy which sometimes draws entities as well.

Another factor that seems to play a part is personal affinity with the kind of entity, their trauma or story.

So, it is really not necessary to do a ‘’battle of wills’’ or a violent exorcism: entities can only latch on when there is a point of attachment. Once found and healed, the host can simply decide to let go and make the conscious decision to do so, and release them into the Light or in the care of Archangel Michael. But when the host person is frail or weak, and can’t do this for herself, they often do need help to release them.

Besides willing them away like you did, one of the most important things to do in my experience is to talk to the entities. Explain to them they have died, that they are okay and safe, and that there is nothing to be afraid of. Call upon loved ones (humans or pets) to come fetch them and take them to heaven. Sometimes it is necessary to explain that there is no Hell, that they will not be judged and that there is only love in the Light. In about 90% of cases this will suffice. If the entities do not leave, it might be because there is a personal attachment to the host, a bigger psychological issue going on with the entity or even malicious intent like wanting to live off the host’s energy. In the latter case, I always call upon Archangel Michael and his angels to simply come get them and take them off my hands - whether they want to leave or not – ‘’kicking their butts’’ off to heaven so to speak 😉

Blessings, Wendy

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