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Lost souls pull/rob energy from nice old lady
Date: 2 April 2017

It happened 8 times over a period of some 2 years. At around 1:00AM, my mother who was 84 to 86 years old at the time, would start screaming in her bed at the top of her lungs because of cramps in her legs. (We asked her doctors, but nothing conclusive was found). I would rush to her bedroom and she would be screaming and frantically massaging her leg (usually it happened only in one leg per episode). We knew what the problem was. I would have her identify the source of the pain; it was always one person at a time, who was standing/located near Mom. Three times we had to deal with the same woman, but the other times were different people, men and women.

Mom could see the lost soul robbing/pulling her energy (I could not) but Mom had no will power, so I was the one directing her to ask questions and get the answers. Then I would send light to the person that she would describe to me; and I would force the person to walk in a large tunnel of light, towards the open light (with my will power). Then I would ask my mother to ask the person whom they want to meet in Heaven; they would usually name their mother and Mom would then see the mother and describe her in details to me, including the clothes that the mother was wearing. I would then force the person to walk towards their mother who is standing in the light, I would make them embrace and leave together towards the center of the light (out of sight from Mom and me).

Only one woman returned twice (she had killed her baby daughter during one of her husband's frequent long trips, and was afraid of Hell). A man had drowned in the hull of a war ship, sunk by a German submarine not far from where my Mother grew up; he was still in the fetal position after 6 decades. I forced him to lift his head, then his shoulders, then get up, and walk in the tunnel of light, towards his mother who was standing at the door of the real light. He was a contemporary of Mom, not someone from a past life; so were the other lost souls, all from the first half of the 20th century.

I have two questions: Have you heard that lost souls are attracted by the light of old ladies? (I heard that at my spiritualist center). They invade the bodies of the old ladies and suck their energy. Which results in pain for the old ladies.

And how come Mom was so open to allowing these souls to take possession of her? I kept telling her to close the doors of her mind at night, but over the weeks or months, this was forgotten by both of us, and BOOM, 1:00AM !!! Mom was told when she was a young woman that her heart was like a hospital: People were going to her to get healed. I assume that this vision of herself was making sure that the door of her soul would remain open for the lost souls to enter and suck her energy. Was this vision of herself coming from a previous life because in this lifetime, she had chosen to be a teacher although her dream, when she was young, was to become a doctor, something impossible to achieve in her family.

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