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The nature of the learning process through reincarnation
Date: 20 March 2017

Itís a rather theoretical question but I find that understanding how some things work in the universe can be profoundly rewarding and does trickle down to the granular level of daily life. I read that when our soul chooses to incarnate, the memory of our past lives is erased from our new incarnation so that we can start this new lifetime from a clean slate, without being conditioned by past trauma or by past preferences.

Myself, I totally see the advantages of learning about my past lives as I like to dig into my psyche, but just out of curiosity I would like to ask you the following. When we learn about specific past life issues, we are more likely to focus our psychological work on them, possibly at the exclusion of other issues. But do you think that, in the perspective of eternity or at least of many incarnations, it is important that we solve a number of specific past fact-based issues, or do you think that the learning that we need to do is kind of generic in nature and that it can be achieved irrespective of which issues we are working on? To rephrase: Are our specific issues only learning tools, just tools that help us to learn, like a hammer that a carpenter uses to build a house: it does not matter which hammer the carpenter uses as long as they build the house?

I am thinking for example of courage: A soul wants to experience events that will make them learn to become more courageous so that this soul will emerge from this life time as a more courageous being. But the specific battles that the soul has to go through are just tools to achieve the goal, and it does not matter which specific battles the soul uses to learn to become more courageous as any battle would probably help to achieve the result.

If this is so, would it explain why a lot of people donít have much awareness of past lives and are not really too interested to know either (most people are more focused on the details of our day to day life)? I think the real reason I am writing to you is because I feel sorry for the multitudes who do not have any introspection into their past. Maybe it does not matter for most people, maybe life on earth is made so that any experience will do? Those who want to dig into specific experiences can do it if they want to, but ultimately itís the learning that counts no matter how it is acquired. That would reassure me that the multitudes are OK, that all is the way it is supposed to be.

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