Mediumship and Healing Courses

USA - California - Sunland. Practitioner Healing Program
By:Barbara Y. Martin

Healing is one of the greatest acts of service and one of the best ways to get closer to God. In this advanced-level course, students learn the sacred art of spiritual healing. The course trains students in the techniques of administering Divine Light, and how to build up their own healing power to be able to facilitate the exhilarated healing currents. As students unfold their spiritual potential, they become certified spiritual healers.

By becoming a healer, students are being given a wonderful opportunity to accelerate their own spiritual development. Regardless if the goal is to become a professional spiritual healer, this course will take participants to greater spiritual heights and exhilarate their divine unfoldment.

Subjects include:
- The principles of spiritual healing
- The dynamics of the astral and mental etheric bodies
- The various types of healing applications, including mental, emotional, physical, astral, absentee, and soul healing
- Developing your connection to etheric healers
- The principles of direct healing with spiritual energy
- How to maintain a healing consciousness
- Working with prana to repair the body
- Identifying spiritual symptoms
- Healing and your spiritual evolution
- Working with your divine aura
- The relationship of healing and spiritual evolution
- Incorporating aura healing in holistic and traditional forms of healing