Mediumship and Healing Courses

USA - Online - Training Program in Mediumship & Psychic Consultation
By:Rev. Brian L. Sharp <brian@angelicvisionsmedium.com>

The Psychic Consultation & Mediumship Mentoring Program is an individualized program designed to assist students in developing spiritual self-awareness and practical knowledge of metaphysics. During this training, which lasts an average of two to four months, students will gain knowledge of various spiritual techniques to provide intuitive assistance to others. Psychic services are those services, during which an individual utilizes his or her own intuitive instincts to relay accurate information to another, whereas mediumship comprises sensing verifiable information about a deceased individual or pet.

Topics to be covered during the program include:

Spiritual shielding & grounding; psychic self-protection
Chakra clearing & balancing
Communication with deceased individuals & pets
Communication with angels & introduction to Archangels
Clearing a physical location of negative energy

Training consists of weekly appointments with each individual student conducted by telephone (within USA) or Skype (international), weekly assignments to help students increase their intuitive abilities, and individualized attention throughout the training program (this is not a video course).

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