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By:Shai Tubali <noga@chiro-yoga.de>

The School of Life with Shai Tubali

Did you ever wonder how you can integrate spirituality into your daily life?

Did you ever want to learn how to live life fully, with passion, inner power, joy and deep understanding?

Have you ever had the feeling that life is a school, filled with lessons and opportunities to grow and develop spiritually?

If you answer these questions with a ‘YES’ then you might want to know about our School of life program.

Life is a school, it has lessons and tests, classes, and a journey that many times can be confusing and it seems at times like an overwhelming mess of problems and challenges that we find it hard to manage, all at the same time..

It is not always so clear who the teachers are, what are the tests and assignments, and how one gets the so desired certificate of graduation…

So how can one make better sense of the School of Life? How can one know with certainty and confidence what the lessons are, and what are the requirements for a successful graduation?

Thankfully, you already have the answer, since it lies within YOU. Your Seven Chakras hold the secret, of unlocking the hidden lessons of your life.
The seven chakras knowledge can give you the essential wisdoms of life-

Instead of being taught knowledge about life.

We invite you to learn the knowledge of life that we’re all missing; the type of knowledge that can teach you how to engage successfully in the direct experience of life.

Every weekend is dedicated to the deep study of one “class” of life in which the ‘teacher’ is no other than the Chakra itself. In each month you will learn how to respond skillfully to the challenges of the Chakra, through the process of balancing and awakening it.

What You Will Learn

• Experience how each one of your Chakras feel and perceive life, with all its’ beauty and depth
• Learn how to face “moments of truth” in your life, which are the golden opportunities for you to face successfully the tests and challenges of each Chakra
• Cultivate a balanced state of the masculine and feminine qualities of each Chakra, so its’ lesson can be fully learned and integrated in your life
• Acquire the essential knowledge about imbalances that disturb the blossoming of each Chakra, as well as ways to correct them in order to attain peace and rest in the Chakra
• Feel the highest potential of each of your life’s’ dimensions according to the Chakras: making the most of your relationships, sex, career, spirituality and more
• Learn how to nourish the true needs of each of your Chakras, and what are the fake needs and obstacles you should avoid or transcend
• Expand your understanding through learning the best lifestyle, nutrition and life-management as taught by each Chakra
• Directly experience the spiritual states of consciousness and spiritual qualities that can be achieved through the full potential of each Chakra

Each weekend will be followed by practices for the rest of the month in order to establish the study in “real life”. In that way you will feel supported in your practice and evolution throughout the entire year!

What do we offer:

· Written translation into German during the lessons

· Online video and downloading services so you can Learn from home at your free time

· Supportive and shared practice activities in person and on-line for school participants

· Special offers for partners and family members

· Special early bird offer

The school will take place over the course of eight months, from October 9 2016 to May 6 2017, a total of 8 weekend sessions. All sessions will begin at 10.30 CET and finish at 18:30. You can partciate in person or on-line

Join the school of life to integrate heaven and earth in your life and make your life into a celebration of development and joy.

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