Mediumship and Healing Courses

UK - Shropshire - Hampton: Psycho-Spiritual Development Training
By:School of Insight and Intuition

The School of Insight and Intuitions ground breaking programme is an education of spirit. In this unfoldment process the individual is seen to be the most important part of the development journey. Therefore time is given to the awakening and progress of the inner being or spiritual core of self, which in turn illuminates all aspects of the student, bringing transformation both in the life of the individual and as a healing force for the world.

Courses are predominantly experiential and each student is assisted by fully trained facilitators. Learning assessments, criteria, and student-teacher communications are active throughout, providing a high quality, in-depth training in psycho-spiritual development. Completion of the accredited practitioner diploma courses provides professional status and insurance.

The School was founded by author, teacher and intuitive Julie Soskin in 1996. Julie identified a growing need for a comprehensive sequential education of spirit, centred on training in the healing and psychic arts.