Mediumship and Healing Courses

Australia - Qld - Sunshine Coast - Mooloolaba
By:Tracie-Delysia Wolter <spirit@vividlife.com.co>

Many developing psychics make 3 massive mistakes causing them to fail to get the results they want...This keeps them from utilizing their amazing natural gift.
Now it is time to reveal the truth about psychicís.
Giving you the secrets to never ever guess again!

This fast-track metaphysical training course is designed to develop your intuitive psychic energy abilities. You will be taken on an exploration of the amazing power of the mind and how to enhance your psychic sensory talents. When you are tuned into these psychic senses you will have the skill to intuitively read the energy of the people, places and things in the world around you.

Being in touch with these energies it will bring clarity to your thinking and will allow your solutions to be clearer, closer and more connected. So then you can embrace your opportunities, to be able to have your enhanced psychic talents brought forward.

This training & development covers:
The power of your mind
Know how to connect with energy.
Shift the blocks that are holding you back.
Get the best out of your meditation.
Spiritual Protection
Trusting your inner wisdom.
Tools used for reading, scrying and divination.
How to do a psychic reading.
Let yourself become your own ultimate potential. Learning how to connect with your intuitive abilities as this will begin a remarkable journey into the world of being psychic.