Mediumship and Healing Courses

UK - Nottinghamshire - Nottingham
By:Multi-national College <info@britishregistry.com>

The Multi-national college conducts training for psychic and mediumship development from beginners level. The training is designed and tailored to match the student requirements and skills to function successfully in the role. Nottingham is the satellite centre that delivers the individualised training on a small personal scale. This is through our tutor Dr. Philip Pal Longman who is director of Psychic Studies. The course is part practical tuition, part class based and part guided and self-directed study. There is a high degree of flexibility in course delivery and successful applicants recieve the level 5 college diploma award. Length of the course is 26 weeks up to 52 weeks.

For information on the course delivery, the tutor's website is:

and the college website is:
(the college is registered as a training provider with the U.K. Learning Directory in London)