Mediumship and Healing Courses

Online: Applied Spirituality Studies
By:Atlantic University, An Accredited Online Non-Profit Graduate Level University (based in Virginia Beach, VA USA)

Applied Spirituality Track includes:
- Introduction to Transpersonal Studies
- Spiritual Crisis
- The Inner Life: Dreams, Meditation, Creativity, and Imagination
- Qualitative Research Methods from a Transpersonal Point of View
- Principles and Practices of Spiritual Mentorship
- Becoming a Teacher of Finding Your Mission in Life
- Becoming a Teacher of Meditation and the Inner Life
- Becoming a Teacher of Dream Work/Dream Interpretation

The Consciousness Track includes:
- Principles of Parapsychology
- Spiritual Applications Self-Hypnosis

Courses of interest to Ministers, Spiritual Counselors and Healers include:
- Spiritual Guidance Mentor Training (SGMT) certificate
- Incorporating Informed Love into Your Counseling Practice
- Balancing Transpersonal Perspectives in Counseling with Conventional Ethical Requirements
- Incorporating Effective Dream Work into Counseling Practice

The University offers these Study Tracks:
1. Applied Spirituality
2. Consciousness
3. Creativity
4. General Studies
5. Leadership and Conflict Transformation
6. Transpersonal Visual Arts