Mediumship and Healing Courses

USA - New York - Manhattan and Mineola (Long Island)
By:Maria D'Andrea MsD, D.D., DRH, DRS <mdandrea100@gmail.com>

Spiritrainbow Healing System(c)

The "Spiritrainbow Healing System" (SHS) utilizes universal energies as well as contact with the Spirit Realm, among other techniques. This "Spiritrainbow Healing System" was originated in 1978 by Founder Rev. Maria D’Andrea.

Maria's original "Spiritrainbow Healing System," since 1978, has been taught and passed down for years. It is now available for you to become a Healer for improving your life with 4 Levels, including Degrees of Completion on each Level.

The 5th Level, which is optional, gives you a Degree as a Healer of the Spiritrainbow Healing System.

At the end of this course, you will receive a Degree of Completion.

Optional 5th Level: You can become a Healer of the SHS. Incorporate long distance healing and other healing forms. Upon completion, receive a Degree as a Healer.

Course Schedule

Class 1: Basic Shielding

Class 2: Meditation as a tool and Alpha basics

Class 3: Contacting spirit, body work and more

Class 4: Putting the technique together and healing self

Receive your Degree of Completion

Optional Class
Class 5: Healing, test, case work

Receive your Degree as a Healer of the SHS