Mediumship and Healing Courses

Canada - Ontario - Russell: Course in Modern Spiritualism
By:Rev. Ronald l.koch <Csi_courses@sympatico.ca>

The Church of Spiritual Illumination is a Christian/Spiritualist church that teaches both Christian and Spiritualist morals and ethics.

Course in Modern Spiritualism:

In the first lesson, the student will learn about many pioneers of Modern Spiritualism and their contribution to it.

In the second lesson you will start to learn about the Spiritual aspects of Modern Spiritualism, definitions that were given to us from the Spirit World through mediumship. It also provides the names of various publications of old and modern times and the names of some of the Spiritualist camps that exist today.

In the third lesson the student will learn about the relationship of Spiritualism to science.

In lesson 4 the student will study some of the philosophy of Spiritualism through the study of Natural Laws, which are Godís Laws.

The subject of lesson 5 is on death and dying with lesson 6 continuing the subject by looking at the concept of heaven. Both lessons look at their subjects from the standpoint of Spiritualism, metaphysics, and other world religions.

Lesson 7 talks about our spiritual guides and angels.

Lesson 8 and 9 are on the subject of spiritual phenomena that is carried into lessons 10 to 15 on physical and mental mediumship.

Lesson 16 is dedicated to meditation and its importance as it relates to ones Spiritual development.

Lessons 17, 18 and 19 are on healing from ancient to modern times.

Then finally lesson 20 goes into comparative religion where the student gets a surprising view of others religious beliefs of God and their relationship to him.