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USA - Massachusetts - Westborough. Reiki and Yoga Courses
By:Divine Heart Center <services@divineheartcenter.com>

Divine Heart Center teaches Reiki and Raja Yoga for modern times - an evolutionary spiritual discipline to bring about holistic happiness in the life of the initiate.

Holistic happiness, practically, begins by eliminating our personal energy blocks. The best way to do this is through a practice that can connect you to the inexhaustible Spiritual field from where you can draw Love and Will Power to eliminate these blocks. The techniques imparted by the Divine Heart Center do this through:

    Principles of Personal Energy Management
    Reiki techniques which dissolve our Karmic blocks using the Power of Divine Love
    Raja Yoga techniques which burn our Karmic blocks using the Power of Divine Will

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About the Divine Heart Center:
Divine Heart Center is a spiritual organization started by Shailesh Kumar and his wife, Parul Bansal, to honor their Guru, to serve their spiritual lineage, and to attend to their inner calling by applying eternal spiritual principles to heal and evolve all beings. There are only two true powers in this Universe - Power of Divine Love (or Grace) and Power of Divine Will. Divine's power of unconditional love becomes our power of conditional love. Divine's power of unlimited will becomes our limited power of will (or thought or prana).

Through Guru's guidance and Divine's blessing, the masters at the Divine Heart Center (DHC) have uniquely integrated Reiki and Raja Yoga techniques to connect the seeker's heart with the power of Divine Love and align the seeker's mind with the power of Divine Will. These techniques are transmitted during seminars through an initiation process where the seeker is connected to a higher spiritual plane thereby increasing the seeker's power of love and power of thought. Check out our events section or email us using the contact page for a class near you. We charge an appropriate fee for the classes but always consider teaching the right practice as more important than making money. Distance initiations are also available in some cases.