Mediumship and Healing Courses

Online and International including New Zealand - Auckland, and USA - Massachusetts
By:Reverend Stephen A. Hermann <steveradhe@gmail.com>

Master the Mechanics of Mediumship and Spiritual Healing
with International Psychic Medium from USA Reverend Stephen Hermann, NST

Intensive training programs held regularly in many locations throughout the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, as well as many countries in Europe and elsewhere. Residential training weeks, weekend retreats, day long and evening workshops covering all aspects of mediumship, channeling, spiritual healing and psychic awareness. If you are interested in the development of quality evidential mediumship and healing then Stephen's training programs would be worth experiencing. Programs are suitable for participants at all levels of experience.

Distance learning and personal coaching program also available. Contact Stephen for details.

Based in New Zealand Stephen is recognized as one of America's leading teachers for mediumship development. For information about upcoming events worldwide visit: stevehermannmedium.com or contact Stephen directly at steveradhe@gmail.com