Mediumship and Healing Courses

UK - Devon - Branscombe: School of Mediumship and Awareness
By:Rainbow's End <angelscottage@tiscali.co.uk>

See List of Workshops: Mediumship Development and Individual Workshops including:
- Angel and Healing Workshops
- Mediumship Development Workshops
- Meditation (including colors and crystals)
- Atlantis
- Teaching Techniques
- The Six Senses/Colour Awareness/Mood Management Workshop
- Taking the Mystery Out of Mediumship
- Philosophy Workshop
- Guides
- Understanding and Working with your Energy System
- Hands On With Healing
- Self-Empowerment Using your Chakras
- Angels and Elementals

Retreats and the following services are also offered:
Chakra balancing with crystals
Meditation lesson
Clairvoyant reading (with or without colour)
Colour Awareness lesson
Psychic Awareness lesson
Mediumship lesson