Mediumship and Healing Courses

UK - Wiltshire - Chippenham: Animal Healing
By:The Charles Siddle Foundation for Animal Healing

We have just completed the Animal Healing Introductory course, comprising of four levels. In future these will be held once a year to allow students to complete the courses at their own pace.

The Advanced Courses are available to those who have completed the introductory course. We also have open days for those interested in animal Holistic care which includes healing.

Holistic Care: I have found that a holistic approach to the management of animals helps to support the channelled healing and gives the students the greatest opportunity of achieving and maintaining good health for their clients. This includes dealing with any energy imbalance of the immediate environment that the animal lives in.

The courses invite guest speakers who are experts in complimentary therapies, including:
Veterinary Acupuncture, Laser Therapy, Massage Therapy, Bowen Technique, Shiatsu, Physiotherapy, Mc Timoney Chiropractic, Dowsing Geopathic and Electromagnetic stress, Nutrition, Natural Horsemanship on the Equine course. All the courses include other holistic treatments Bush and Bach Flowers, Homoeopathy etc.

The Charles Siddle Foundation for Animal Healing (CSFAH) offer day and weekend workshops, and courses for those interested in exploring the world of healing animals. There are three levels of Certification:

CSFAH Introductory Attendance Course Certificate

CSFAH Advanced Attendance Course Certificate

CSFAH Practitioner Certificate

Students can gain Certification at all three levels in ‘Equine and Domestic Animals’. The Courses in previous years ran as ‘Equine’ or ‘Domestic Animals’, but our tutors felt that there was so much valuable information and practical experiences to be gained by working with many animal species that the courses have now been combined so that our students can gain the best possible education. We positively encourage our students to work with all species of animals but will not expect students to handle animals with which they are uncomfortable.