Mediumship and Healing Courses

UK - Devon - Plymouth (Skoke)
By:Brunswick Spiritualist Church

Working with specialised teachers in 'developing' mediumship, and working with guides and loved ones who have passed to 'spirit'. We can offer you a training programme that seeks to enable you to unfold your spiritual connection to your own loved ones and spirit guides.

You will embark on a 'unique' and sacred journey. We cannot promise to answer all your questions, but can offer guidance and support that will allow you to open up and explore your inner truth.

'Developing' mediumship is a journey of the soul's growth. The classes are only an introduction to the skills it takes to become a 'link' between spirit and earth. Like any skill you wish to master, it will take time and dedication if you really want to achieve a deep level of truth.

Training is carried out in various forms of mediumship and spiritualist healing, and the length of the courses will vary.

Development programs include: Classes, Open Circles, Closed Circles, Spiritualist Healing.