Mediumship and Healing Courses

USA - Florida - Delray Beach: Illuminated Reiki TM, Illuminated Dream Healing TM
By:Dr. Janet Lynn Roseman <Dancejan@aol.com>

Ongoing workshops/certifications in ILLUMINATED REIKI TM and ILLUMINATED DREAM HEALING TM held at the beautiful Duncan Conference Center in DelRay Beach, Florida. The conference center also has inexpensive housing for those who are traveling and wish to stay in a beautiful garden setting. ILLUMINATED REIKI TM is a Level One Reiki training certification based on the Usui method along with other important areas of learning including: color and light visualizations, chakra healing, medical anthropology, meeting your REIKI healing guide, and a firm understanding and foundation in energetic light healing systems and hands on healing. This program has a concentration on SELF-HEALING and in Level Two, participants will learn how to work with others.

ILLUMINATED DREAM HEALING TM is a training program with special emphasis for healthcare professionals including concepts that can offer physical, spiritual and emotional healing for self and clients. Participants will learn about the ancient traditions of dream healing, "the wounded healer", and uncover how personal and client dreamswork can help access problem solving, increase creativity, and offer psychological understanding and entrance into Divine wisdom. ILLUMINATED DREAM HEALING TM was inspired by a course in Ancient Healing Rites that Dr. Roseman taught at Pacifica Graduate School and is based on the Asklepian rites of ancient healing.

Dr. Roseman is a dance therapist, author, hypnotherapist and practices integrative medicine with oncology patients. She was the David Larson Fellow in Spirituality and Medicine at the Kluge Center for Scholars at the Library of Congress, the second person in the world to hold that honor. She is an expert in Spirituality and Medicine and designs curriculum and teaches at medical schools in this area. She is also the author of several books including: The Way of the Woman Writer, Dance Was Her Religion: The Spiritual Choreography of Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis and Martha Graham, Dance Masters: Interviews with Legends of Dance and other books. Dr. Roseman conducts long distance healing sessions with clients as well as intuitive psychic explorations and narrative mediumship. She can be contacted at Dancejan@aol.com for further information or at 561.756.9985.