Mediumship and Healing Courses

UK - Wales - Pembrokeshire. Spiritual Healing and Mediumship Course
By:Quintin Smith <spiritquint@aol.com>

Quintin Smith, Award Winning Trance and Spiritual Healer, Medium and Tutor offers Spiritual Healing and Mediumship Courses.

Prior to moving to Wales in 2008, Quintin was a regular tutor at the Internationally Renowned College of Psychic Studies in London and continues to teach in a variety of venues across the UK and Abroad.

Spiritual Healing topics include:
- How to develop as a Spiritual Healer
- Guided Meditations using visualisation sounds and feelings
- The importance of Attunement and developing the Spirit within
- Sitting in the power
- How to see an aura
- Group Healing vs One to One Healing
- Running a healing session of your own.
- Accredited ICHF healer training programme.

Mediumship Module includes:
- The Mechanics of Mediumship
- One to one readings
- Circle work
- Exploring Trance
- Bringing out the best in communication
- Demonstrating Mediumship
- Physical Mediumship
- and a whole lot more.

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