Mediumship and Healing Courses

USA - California - Sebastopol: The Shaman's Light
By:Marti Spiegelman MFA <shamans_light@mac.com>

About the Shaman's Light™ Preview Day & Training Experience

You hear the word 'consciousness' cropping up more and more - at conferences, in business, in science, environmental, and socioeconomic news . . . it's 'cropping up' because consciousness is on the rise and it's asking all of us to wake up and participate in creating our own future! It's asking us to ride the current waves of change together and craft a better world, one that is based on thriving and joy.

Of course we ask, 'How do we manage this?' The answer is this: by learning again, as indigenous cultures have always known, how to be - fully awake, sourcing from the principles that shape consciousness, and creating a world in which we simultaneously support, and benefit from, the power of the land we live on and the power of the unique individual genius every human has been gifted.

This is what the Shaman's Light™ Training Program offers - an authentic indigenous initiation and training in coming fully conscious, participating in the shaping and stewarding of our modern world to generate benefit and well-being for everyone. The Shaman's Light™ Training Program is designed for people who want to make a difference in the world we live in, here and now!

The Preview Day is your day to experience a bit of the magic that rises when we come into full consciousness. Shamanism at its core is the practice of full consciousness, and consciousness evolves life. During the Preview Day you'll be introduced to the core principles of consciousness and experience for yourself what it feels like to wake up fully in the shaman's awareness. You'll learn that you're already 'designed' for this type of awareness and take home key exercises to continue growing your skill.

During the Preview Day we use the knowledge base of the Andean shamanic traditions as our gateway. This wisdom forms the core of the Shaman's Light™ training and initiation process. Just as the shamans do, we'll engage the principle of puqiya - the Quechua word for sacred play - learning experientially through indigenous training techniques. The practice of puqiya is the best way to shine a light on your inner creative genius so you can fire up your passion. This day alone can be life-changing!

Come ready to play in nature, share your experiences, and be empowered by the truth, beauty, and value the shaman's awareness has to offer us in the modern world.

If you're interested but not sure, or you just want more information, I urge you to pick up the phone and give me a call. Together we can easily determine if the Shaman's Light™ Preview Day will be of value to you, either as a stand-alone event or as your entry into the training program.

You don't need prior experience in shamanic realms to benefit from this experience. As one of my mentors once said to me, 'All you need is to want!' Perhaps you are curious about life, or have a sense that there is something calling you to create the never-before-seen. Perhaps you are simply interested in indigenous cultures. At times we simply feel something we have no language for but we know it's big and it's speaking to us. If this describes you, then being who you are is more than enough preparation for this magical experience.