Mediumship and Healing Courses

USA - North Carolina - Charlotte: Psychic Counselor I - Center Certification and Testing for Psychics and Mediums
By:The Center for Psychic and BioInnergetic Research <ResourceMT@bioInnergetics.com>

Currently, we have a free, open memberships reviews for all Psychics and Mediums seeking Center Certification and testing. Please complete the below questionnaire for further consideration. Upon the completion of two virtual readings utilizing IM technology, the Board convenes on all memberships and rewards according to a set calendar. The first scheduled sitting for the Board will be on Jan 30, 2011. Candidates will informed of their status approximately 48 hours after, their review sessions.

Once a member is invited in the organization, all members requesting to be a part of the Client Referral Program (CRP) are required to complete the CPBR training. Training is free to all accepted candidates. The training is not open to the public and involves copyrighted and propietary information. Accepted members will be required to complete Counselor 1 Module for the Certified Member License I, Other advanced modules can be completed, with pre-requisite testing, i.e. Certified CPBR License II.

Important: You may opt to not proceed with Licensing or Training, this qualifies the member to perform pro bono work for the organization in the Charitable Public Assistance Liason Program. If however, you desire to be on our referral list to receive payment for readings, all CPBR Counselors are required to complete Counselor training.

What you receive after Training: CPBR License number and Certificate- Lifetime barring any unethical indiscretions i.e. stealing or deceiving a client and completion of yearly continuing education.

The following memberships are open for the Feburary 15, 2011 Module and License 1 Training Program.

Membership Status: Associate member CPBR Bioenergetic Counselor I (Psychic)

Junior Member CPBR Bioenergetic Counselor II (Psychic, Medium)

Senior Member CPBR Bioenergetic Counselor III (Psychic, Medium, Healer)