Mediumship and Healing Courses

Canada - Ontario - Oakville: MEDIUMSHIP/PSYCHIC Training: GATEWAY TO SPIRIT
By:Lilian Eden <patricia@asklilian.com>

GATEWAY TO SPIRIT: Mediumship Training For Beginners

For anyone interested in learning more about the process of mediumship. Lilian Eden guides you through several exercises and explanations to give you hands-on experience with the subtle processes involved. Distinguishing between what is psychic and what is mediumistic is the goal. A life changing experience where you will connect with the other side and enrich your life with a new understanding of how we are connected with those who have passed over. Note: Additional 1 day will be scheduled at the workshop for the practicum. Dates/Times according to participants schedules. To R.S.V.P and/or to find out more information, please visit www.lilianeden.com.

**This program is strictly for those who have completed Lilian's psychic development course or who have taken similiar psychic development classes in the past. This program is geared toward those who are interested in developing their awareness and skills of mediumship. With this program, you will discover how to attune to the spirit world and experience the wonderful connections with loved ones who have crossed over. Learning to connect with spirit can be a life changing experience for you and for those of you who will help others.

Mediumship is an invaluable, empowering, healing tool that once integrated into your life, you will experience a brand new way of living.

We all have the innate ability to communicate with the other side and many more are not aware that they do. Our environment, our world, our spirit selves are continually dancing in a flow of information. It's only a matter of understanding more about this area which is highly neglected. I'm bringing to you an opportunity to expand and experience life from a much richer perspective. **

Program Outline Includes:

How to make contact with your spirit guide(s)
How to affirm identity and learning the language through several methods
Communication and affirmations
Clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient - and how to combine them.
Manifestation of an interactive flow
Learn the difference between what is psychic and what is mediumistic in terms of the processes involved and how information is received
and much more!

This is a highly interactive, intense and and powerful program.
Must be 18 years of age and older and in good health

This program is for anyone looking to expand upon their psychic ability and /or for those who are aware they too have abilities but have not developled their mediumistic skills. Everyone is welcomed and can learn how to connect with the spirit world. I look forward to helping you!
To R.S.V.P and/or to find out more information, please visit www.lilianeden.com.

GATEWAY TO SPIRIT: Psychic Development For Beginners

Learn how to awaken your senses, learn which sense is strongest with you, and how to apply your natural ability toward subtle energy all around you. This course is filled with hands-on techniques and many exercises to help you not only learn the difference between what is intuition, but also help you trust the subtle vibrations of information learned through this course. This is a life changing experience! Note: Extra 1 day will be scheduled at the end of the workshop. Times/Dates will be scheduled according to participants availability. To R.S.V.P and/or to find out more information, please visit www.lilianeden.com.

Psychic Development Workshop (Intermediate): Participants must have the foundation of Psychic Development for Beginners before attending this workshop. Intermediate psychic training is designed to develop psychic abilities further and to use those abilities on a practical level. In addition we will be looking at: Near Death Experience, Reincarnation, Poltergeists and Haunted Houses, Kundalini & Symbolism, Strengthening Clairsentience & Clairvoyance, Thought Forms & Elementals, Traveling Clairvoyance & Out of Body Experience, eath, Dying & The Spirit World and How to Protect Yourself. To R.S.V.P and/or to find out more information, please visit www.lilianeden.com.

To R.S.V.P, please contact Lilian Eden's assistant patricia@asklilian.com for more details.