Mediumship and Healing Courses

USA - Florida - Clearwater, and DISTANT LEARNING
By:College of Metaphysical Studies (CMS)

The College of Metaphysical Studies (CMS), located in Clearwater, Florida, has been a leader in metaphysical and spiritual education since 1986. CMS was formed after extensive evaluation of the educational needs of the Metaphysical, New Age, New Thought, Neo-Pagan and modern spiritual communities.

Educational Goals:

1. To provide adult education programs for persons drawn to the Metaphysical, New Age, and New Thought movements seeking spiritual growth.

2. To educate for the purpose of developing leadership within the movements, including licensed and/or ordained ministers, pastoral counselors, teachers, healing and intuitive practitioners, and administrative personnel.

3. To provide continuing postgraduate education both for those in leadership in the movement and for those seeking programs of lifelong learning.

4. To engage in research and provide a point of contact with developments in the wider educational community.

Courses include:
- Angel Studies AN
- Astrological Studies AS
- Bible Studies BI
- Business Studies BU
- Church Management CM
- Critical Thinking Studies CT
- Esoteric Philosophy Studies EP
- Gemstones and Crystals GS
- Holistic Healing Arts Studies HA
- Natural Healing Arts Studies HA
- Hypnosis Studies
- Inner Awareness & Intuitive Development Studies IA
- Mind and Energy Studies IA
- Interpersonal Communications IC
- Inner Development Studies ID
- Metaphysical and Prosperity Studies ME
- Metaphysical Sciences MS
- Metaphysical Education Studies MT
- Mysticism MY Neo-Pagan Studies NP
- Magick Studies NP
- Numerological Studies NU
- Pastoral Counseling PC
- Personal Ministry PM
- Parapsychology Studies PP
- Psychic Sciences PS
- Religion and Spirituality RS
- Spiritual Awareness Studies SA
- Shamanic Studies SH
- Spiritualism Studies SP
- Spiritual Science Studies SS
- Social Work Studies SW
- Metaphysical Theology Studies TH