Mediumship and Healing Courses

USA - Minnesota - Minneapolis. Psychic/Spiritual Development and Healing Classes
By:Echo Bodine

Echo Bodine first discovered she was born with psychic abilities and the gift of healing at age of 17. Her abilities include clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (sensing), and clairgustance (smell). She took psychic classes from Minneapolis-based psychic Birdie Torgeson for two years and practiced on friends and family for twelve years before beginning her full time practice as a psychic, healer and ghostbuster in 1979.

Echo teaches psychic development at her Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and lectures around the country on psychic abilities, spiritual healing, intuition. She is currently working on her eleventh book When We Die.

Classes include:

- 12-week Laying-on-Hands Healing Class
- How to Live by Your Intuition
- Advanced Healing Class with Echo Bodine
- Advanced Psychic/Spiritual Development with Echo Bodine
- Meditation Evenings with Echo Bodine
- Psychic/Spiritual Development with Echo Bodine: Echo is offering a 16 week beginning psychic development class that will allow students to explore and practice basic techniques involving their psychic and intuitive gifts. This course offers students an opportunity to study and share their experiences of connecting with Spirit in a safe and comfortable surrounding. Each class experience will focus on a specific topic and will include exercises for students to practice the basic skills involved in opening their connection with spirit and their intuition. Psychic Development Class Topics Include:
Clairsentience and Clairgustance
Spirit Guides and Angels
Spirits - Ghosts and Ghostbusting
Auras and Our Energy
Astral Projection (soul travel)
Reincarnation - Past-Life Regression
Dying and the Other Side
Seances, Channeling, Ouija Board, Pendulums and Tarot Cards