Mediumship and Healing Courses

USA - Connecticut - Enfield. Mediumship/psychic private and group sessions, classes and seminars
By:Angelina Diana

From her base of operations in Northern Connecticut, and satellite office in Long Island, New York, Angelina Diana conducts private and group sessions, classes and seminars with the goal of helping. She wishes to be a resource to help clients discover their own natural psychic ability, and if they have experiences a loss, help them understand their connections to their loved ones on the otherside.

In a long and noteworthy career in the public eye, Psychic Medium, Angelina Diana (her born name) has been a popular radio and television personality, news anchor, news director, and spiritual counselor. During that time, she has received numerous awards and citations for her work with families and children, including being honored by Big Brothers and Big Sisters for her “outstanding service to the cause of children.”

As a Psychic Medium, Angelina Diana participated in the prestigious Mediumship Afterlife Tests under the direction of noted author and scientist, Dr. Gary Schwartz, of the University of Arizona, Tucson. It was during extensive scientific testing by Dr. Schwartz that Ms. Diana’s otherworldly accuracy was scientifically verified to the extent that she received honorable mention in Dr. Schwartz’s latest book, "The Truth about Medium." Angelina also sits on the Medium Advisory Board of the Forever Family Foundation, a not for profit, furthering the understanding of Afterlife Science survival and supporting those in grief.