Mediumship and Healing Courses

USA - Nevada - Reno
By:Reno Psychic Institute

The Reno Psychic Institute offers Meditation Tools, Energy Healing and Womens Energy every seven weeks throughout the year. These classes provide tools and information that you will use the rest of your life. Each class brings you to your own answers and gives you practical and powerful awareness to assist you in your journey. See printable Monthly Calendars.

The Clairvoyant Program:
A year long program that provides a space for you to reclaim your spiritual abilities and your certainty in your life.

During this one year course you will explore your space, clearing the programming and energy blocks that stand between you and your spiritual path and awareness you will learn, actually "remember" how to read auras. This gives you the ability to validate your own spiritual information

In the energy of validation and non-competition called "psychic kindergarten" you begin to reclaim your certainty. As you become conscious of your own information, you regain the key to your ability to create.

You become cause rather than effect in your life.

Topics covered include: Mental Image pictures, Akashic Records,Genetic Programming, Family and Religious Programming, Astral Body, Birth and Death, Conscious control of your chakras and aura, past lives and spirit guides.

Trancemedium Program:
This Program is eight months. Trancemedium work is about becoming conscious of what has previously been unconscious. The answers to some of these questions are what we explore every Thursday at the Reno Psychic Institute. You are invited to come by and experience an out-of-body healing/reading.

Part of this healing is having a healing Being channel through the healer. Be part of exploring what else goes on in the universe! And where you fit in and what is going on in your space.

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Picture: Laura Peppard -- Founder and Director