Mediumship and Healing Courses

USA, Canada, Europe, Teleclasses: Series of Workshops about the Chakras
By:Sacred Centers

Workshops include:

* Chakra Yoga
* Introduction to Sacred Centers Coaching
* Creation is Ecstasy, Breakthrough Workshop - Manifestation Through the Chakras
* Energy Awareness - How to Perceive and Work with the Human Energy Body
* Guiding the Journey - Facilitating Transformative Experiences (Self-Discovery)
* Mind Body Integration
* Psychology of the Chakras
* Sacred Centers: Europe (3 exclusive Workshops)
* Sacred Centers of the Self - Exploring the Chakras through Yoga
* Seven Windows to the Soul
* Level I Certification & Basic: General Training
* Level II Certification & Specialized Tracks: Professional

Plus 2 teleclasses (over the telephone):
* Introduction to the Chakras
* Conscious Relationship Series