Mediumship and Healing Courses

USA - California - Escondido - Certification Program in Healing and Mediumship
By:Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association (HGSA)

The HGSA Education Program is designed to provide a quality instructional and spiritual experience for interested seekers. The certification program offers certificates in Healing and Mediumship. An Ordained Ministerís program is also available. For details see the Certification Requirements brochure available at the Education Office. Student participation is a large part of our educational program and there will be numerous opportunities to develop and practice. The HGSA faculty and mediums that serve as instructors are carefully selected to provide the best learning experience possible. The instructors will conduct a variety of circle activities and evening workshops and many will be available for private appointments.

Classes include titles such as:
- Angels, Guides and Teachers
- Healing Theory and Introduction to Healing
- Mental Mediumship
- Ministerial Studies
- Sermon Development
- Chakras and Psychic Centers
- Spiritual Counseling
- Mediumship Development
- Spiritual Leadership
- Spiritualism in the Bible
- Advanced Mental Mediumship
- Foundations of Spiritualism
- Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Healing Practices
- Lyceum Instruction and Lyceum Development
- Healing with Crystals
- Advanced Physical Mediumship
- Dreams
- Meditation
- Astrology
- Platform Management
- Visions Realized
- Comparative Study of Chakras
- Divine Connection
- Spiritual Tarot
- "Who You Gonna Call"

About Harmony Grove:

Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association is located on 13 acres in a beautiful oak tree grove a few miles east of Escondido. The association was formed and incorporated in 1896 to further the teaching of spiritualism as a religion, philosophy and science.

Harmony Grove is, has been, and always will be a spiritual center open to anyone who desires to learn the principles, philosophy and teachings of Spiritualism. We need to do what is necessary to continue to grow so that God's Light, Love, Truth, and Peace be multiplied evermore--and that is by each of us working for spirit, with spirit, and through spirit.

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