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Canada - Ontario - Barrie. "Law of Attraction - Manifesting Joy In Your life"
By:Alan Steed <alan@relaxintowellbeing.com>

Law of Attraction Workshops In Your Own Home

What are Home Sessions?

Home sessions are workshops on The Law of Attraction - Manifesting Joy in Your Life, which Alan will give in your own home. (Other topics are available and are decided by the host, who organizes the event). For further details, see below.

What would you gain from attending a workshop?

Alan will help you to understand:

- why you are having experiences you do not want
- how you can use the Law of Attraction to improve your life experience
- your emotional guidance system
- how to live a life that is full of joy and freedom

What happens during a workshop?

First of all, Alan gives an explanation of how the Law of Attraction works, and of how we can allow all of our desires to flow to us and through us. He will help you to understand how to tap into the well-being and freedom which is at the basis of the Universe. You will deepen your understanding of how you can live more joyfully.

The second part of the workshop is interactive. Participants are invited to ask questions publicly and, in the ensuing dialogue, the questions of other participants are often answered.

Although the theme of the workshops is the same, each session is unique in the unfolding. This happens because the presentation at the beginning is perfectly matched to each particular audience (thanks to the Law of Attraction); and because the questions are always different. Participants usually leave the workshops with a renewed sense of purpose, and with a deepened awareness of their own creative power.

Home Sessions - How it works:

- you will invite your friends, family, or colleagues to your home
- the fee for each person will be $20.00 (CAD)
- there will be no charge for the person hosting the session
- it will be the responsibility of the host to collect the fees from the participants
- there will be a minimum of 4 paying participants
- Alan will provide a personal setting to further discuss the techniques regarding the topics of Manifesting, Law of Attraction, or other topics of interest to the group
- each session will last for approximately 2 hours
- there will be lots of time for questions, interaction, and networking
- there may be information that will come through Alan for individuals at the session

NOTE: For individuals booking Home Sessions and living in the Barrie or immediate surrounding area, there will be no mileage charge.

However, if you live outside of Barrie, Ontario, a 25 (CAD) per km mileage charge will apply, thus making the cost per person a little more.