Mediumship and Healing Courses

UK - West Sussex. Mediumship and Spirit Art Courses
By:Debbie Dean, Medium and Spirit Artist

I am a certificated medium, and am proud to belong to a governing body known as The United Spiritualists.

I am a big supporter of my Local Spiritualist Church, Three Bridges Spiritualist Church & Psychic Centre.

Having been given a message from spirit is brilliant enough, but then to receive a portrait from them as well is further proof that life continues beyond the physical death.

During my life I have given thousands of portraits away and am always very pleased to hear from people who have said that the picture has brought them comfort.

The workshops and courses I run are to open up that doorway and show you what gifts you do have within you. I am never surprised when people who have attended one of my workshops say to me that "they never knew they had it in them"!! If you feel that maybe you do have the gift of mediumship and would like to find out more about honing your gift or you feel you would like to learn how to use your natural sixth sense, then give me a call and we can then see what the best workshop or course is for you.

Workshops include:
- Beginners psychic awareness and mediumship
- Trance workshop for beginners
- Spirit/Psychic Art

If you run a development group or circle and would like me to visit and give a talk on psychic art and draw some guide portraits please give me a call or e.mail me for further details.