Mediumship and Healing Courses

UK - London (South), Surrey and throughout the UK - Healer Training
By:Surrey Spiritual Healers Association (SSHA)

All Healers working to SSHA and UK Healers standards complete 2 years of both theoretical and practical training followed by an examination before attaining full healer status. Healers in training, work with full Healers until they are assessed as qualified.

Assessment of Healers after training is carried out by appointed assessors chosen for their skill and understanding of the training requirements. Training is continued until the assessor is satisfied that the required standard of competence has been attained. A certificate of full membership and a lapel badge is then issued to the successful applicant.

Healers treat patients at churches, dedicated healing centres, hospitals, hospices, care homes, therapy centres, animal sanctuaries and in patientsí own homes.

Training as a Healer:

If you are interested in becoming a Healer the first step is to find an experienced Healer to work with you and train you.

In the first instance you should contact our Membership Secretary for more information.