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Re: My mum - please help me
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 16 September 2013
In Response To: My mum - please help me (Shellie)

Dear Shellie

Many thanks for your question about your mother.

First of all, may I say how sorry I am to hear about your sad loss and of course, at this moment in time when you are trying to come to terms with your grief, sadness and sorrow. Sad as it is, with loss the common denominator is ‘the more you love the more you grieve’, This, of course, gives you no immediate comfort. However, the bond any person holds for another is the point where the loneliness now exists, and coming to terms with losing a loved-one is not easy for anyone. Yes, I am aware of the views of some of my contemporaries, who make sweeping statements like, ‘they are in a better place’ or ‘they are better’. All twaddle and balderdash; and of no help whatsoever because we all miss our loved-one. I still miss people whom I have loved, even after many years. I am aware, and I have seen beyond the ‘veil of eternity’ that man calls death, but we still yearn for the psychical touch.

Now, let us look at the point you make - is your mother okay? The simple answer is - yes. The rationale to this question is held within the answer, and enclosed by the movement and reason for life itself. All of humanity resides in this ‘World of Matter’ for a period of time. Indeed, the physical body is restricted and limited, to endure through what we call time. We are all locked within a period of time, and we face the rigours of life with its ups and downs, trials and tribulations. As the old adage states: “We see the flowering of youth and the aging of time”. For once we are withdrawn from this world of Earth, we must return to out true home in the land of peace and beauty. The world I speak of is only a breath away, or as you might say, a heartbeat away. Once we have taken that simplest of steps, we are embraced by our loved-ones, who have preceded us, and welcome us home and into eternity. Of course, our loved-ones miss us and await our eventual reunion, which for us may be years, but for those who have entered into light, only a short period. People often refer to the measurement of ‘time’ in the next world; time as we know it doesn’t exist. However there has to be a form of measurement or else we wouldn’t know whether or not we have progressed. Logic is the key to spiritual understanding, nothing is illogical; everything fits into the ‘Great Plan of Life’.

In conclusion, for all of us, once we have passed the veil of psychical death, we find peace, tranquility and happiness. Your young boy, who you say has seen his grandmother, will be able to do this possibly because children don’t have the clutter of preconceived ideas and thoughts, which allow fear and trepidation, inevitably becoming the barriers for spiritual communication. For a child, it is what it should be, a natural occurrence; they gain a clearer view into the ‘World of Light’. Children also have a purity of thought and simplicity, which sadly is lost when often religious indoctrination, silly spiritual ideas, and dogma enter into the fray, as we get older.

In short, the youngster gives you the ‘key’ to answering your question, which is yes. We are all okay when we move forward into light and meet our awaiting spiritual companions.

Blessing of Peace and Light


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