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Re: Thank you...
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 6 April 2010
In Response To: Thank you... (Janet)

Hello Janet

In the first instance you mention a ‘bang’. It could be a normal occurrence, yet it could be someone in the World of Light who wants to draw your attention. Simply just letting know that those in spiritual are not far away, of which they are not; nothing to worry about.

You mention that from a young age, you have a job to do for the spirit-world. It was wonderful to hear that you have been to a genuine trance medium demonstrating materialisation, a rare, rare gift. Sadly, nowadays a gift, that has in many cases been greatly misused, with so many who are reduced to pseudo trance, but you talk about the real thing. My Spiritual Teacher Jack Corbett always said “once you have seen the real thing, you won’t stand for second best”!

Anyway, back to you question. Perhaps, you may wish to follow a similar pathway to that of mine. But, being a spiritual medium is not the only pathway that gives service to the Spirit World. Indeed, there are far more people who are highly attuned, work for the betterment of humanity, care, and support, but are not of any religious persuasion. Service comes in many ways, being a good person is critical, in reality not all Spiritualists are ‘Spiritual’. Many are seeking for themselves and not for others. Perhaps the glare of notoriety, fame and fortune are clouding the reality of the true work of a spiritually developed person.

I personally do not feel that the ‘bang’ is that important, but often the Spirit World seems to work in mysterious ways, but always in light, with care, and in support of the cohesion of humanity. The work you have to do may be within healing, mediumship. But, alternatively your pathway may be in another avenue, some people are centre stage, other play supporting roles. Yet, the answers may be looking you in the face; be yourself, extend you spirituality, develop yourself and gain the acceptance that you role in life is equally as important as the next person – we are in fact all ‘spirit’ held for a short period of time within a physical body.

Take care

Yours in Light and Peace


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