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Re: I need to move on...
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 5 August 2013
In Response To: I need to move on... (Ginger)

Dear Ginger

Thanks for your question. It appears that the past is holding you back; of course, without a past we can’t have a future. Nonetheless, I would suggest you take the viewpoint that the past cannot be changed. However the ‘mind set you hold’ most certainly helps the path you take in the future. The old adage say: “As you sow, then so you will reap”. Taking this point symbolically, may I suggest you try to be positive, objective and move forward.

You mention a wedding, and ask will people - I assume from the ‘World of Light’ - be there? I would imagine the answer is yes, some things don’t alter when we pass-over, we are not forced to do things, and it is a matter of freedom of choice. If there is a bond of love, then our family and spiritual companions in light move closer into our energy field. Nothing is so much different from situations in this world; it really is common-sense. Perhaps, the other question is, do you really want certain people at your wedding? Irrespective of whether they are in the ‘World of Earth’ or in the ‘World of Light and Soul’ are they invited? Yes, in this dimension, we usually send an invitation card to our friends. As for the next world, I would suggest a simple invitation through thought wouldn’t go amiss. The point on thought is very important, so being open, positive and with the ‘bond of the worlds – LOVE’ - I would imagine the answer will be yes!!

Now I advise you take the initiative; move forward and leave the past where it should be, in the past!!

Happiness as you move forward

Showers of Blessings


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