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I need to move on...
Date: 26 July 2013


I'm desperate.. I swear a family member that has past is trying to speak to me. My father passed away when I was four leaving behind 4 daughters and a wife. My mom and I have a horrible relationship and is such a mess I pray every night for her. My dog Casey died at 7 when I was 14 and I feel he visits me sometimes. my uncle Tim suddenly passed away and when he was alive he always said I need to be a better kid. My mom said lies about me to him and I know he is looking down feeling guilty now that he knows the truth. My grandma passed a few months after who helped raise me. I was in Hawaii so I couldnt be at the funeral and I feel bad :(. My main question.. Is my dad proud of me? I'm getting married soon, will he be there?? Next question.. Is anyone that passed away trying to talk to me? I have been told a few times I am psychic myself but I beg to differ.

Seriously I cannot move on in life without knowing these answers. I really appreciate you reading this and your time.

Thank you,

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I need to move on... -- Ginger -- 26 July 2013
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