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Re: A Childish Dream
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 26 June 2013
In Response To: A Childish Dream (Ann)

Dear Ann

Thank you for the question, which appears to require more than one answer, because of your reference to quite a few points. Sometimes, I am very sceptical about the intentions of occasional questions. It is my intuition which alerts my concerns about the validity within the wording and intention of the person I am replying to. Nevertheless, I am aware many people read my answers, so with apprehension, I will still give you my honest answer and time.

To start with, let us take a look at the points you mention. It would give the impression you are looking at these questions from a materialistic perspective. If so this will give your thinking a distorted lookout, which will cloud the issues you mention. Why, one might ask, would you wish to look like someone else? Taking material viewpoint, if one were to have a facial disfigurement, which impacts upon a person’s everyday life, you could argue the answer is yes! But, I would imagine you are trying to look for a spiritual answer. If this is the case, I would suggest you need to understand a little more about spirituality. First of all, ‘looks’ are only the outward appearance, which only seem to be important for materialistic people with narcissism, esteem, ego and vanity traits. However, if you delve deeper, you see the real person, so be aware of the old saying: “Beware, for mirrors don’t always reflect that of which you wish to see, and not all mirrors hang upon walls”. The reality is so simple; you are what you are, the inner-person holds the true beauty, and shows itself, beyond the portal of this slow vibrational world of matter.

Your second point is: “Why are music, art and other physical aspects, able to be perceived in the hereafter, but not a body”. Again a simple answer - they do! Your question offers implications that are not about the spiritual, or etheric body, but the physical body. All spiritual teaching gives the fundamental answer: “We are not just our physical bodies, we are ever-living spiritual, for one day the physical must return to the earth and will prove to be the plankton for future generations, but the soul which is immortal, can never die, and will transcend into the great world of light and peace”. How does the ‘Soul’ do this? Simply by moving, from the physical body into the spiritual body, to continue its climb to spiritual enlightenment, found in the next dimension, beyond that of the limitation of earth. Everything exists to an open and clear mind, one that is free from limited thinking within the restrictions of low vibrations, and found through spiritual enlightenment.

You use superlative, consummate adjectives, with inference upon the word ‘logic’. Perhaps; if you were more logical, you would recognise the answer lies in yourself, as they say: “Seek and ye shall find”. You say die; one would assert you mean to physically die. Using your rhetoric, supposition and word ‘logic’, one would argue your words ‘paradoxical limitation in logic’ is inconsistent and contradictory, though I fail to understand where you will collapse on yourself. The logical answer - you can’t if you open your mind. Common-sense will prevail, through grasping the simplicity of spiritual awareness, comprehension and understanding.

Kindest thoughts


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