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Re: Messages from the 'other-side'
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 29 March 2010
In Response To: Messages from the 'other-side' (Janet)

Hello Janet,

Regarding your question, the cause of much confusion is that there are many people who think, or wish, they have the capacity to be Spiritual Mediums. With this in mind, one also has to realise what you mean by an imposter; I am a little uncertain of what you imply. Nonetheless, I am taking a view that you mean people who are ‘not’ mediums, this means someone who is either fraudulent, or for some other reason have delusional wishes.

Genuine ‘Spiritual Mediums' possess a 'Divine’ gift, the use of which is to act as a bridge between the two-worlds, thus allowing travellers who are in light to make a contact with those of us who are in this ’World of Earth'. The gift of mediumship is like all things, it needs to be nurtured, trained and developed. Sadly, there are few teachers who can impart their knowledge and expertise to those in the earlier part of their spiritual unfoldement. I had the great fortune to have a spiritual master, this coupled to my most valuable gift, one of commonsense.

Therefore, training - like all things - is vital, and is a cornerstone of mediumship. Taking this point, one soon comprehends the need to pass spiritual information in a clear and concise manner. A primary factor is that a Spiritual Medium works in support of others and gives proof of physical survival beyond what is termed as death. Consequently, a gifted Spiritual Medium through the process of spiritual attunement will be capable of ensuring there are no ‘spirit- imposters’, because they are too well protected by what is often termed ‘Spirit Guides’ who are highly developed spiritual people, great teachers and protectors of light! In conclusion with the few who are truly gifted – there will never be imposters.

The second part of the question is about hurtful messages. Again, this points to people who are not trained, irresponsible or seeking sensationalism – a growing problem today, mirrored by the many inflated egos we see today. This problem is reflected by desire, opportunism and egocentric behaviour, which is exasperated by the mass-media and a desire for fame and fortune. When one receives spiritual information, it is vital to pass the message, as it comes. But, equally, to have great sensitivity ‘it is often not what you say, but how you say it’. One should always remember that the spiritual message is given from mind to mind, with this sensitivity, compassion and honesty. Perhaps, some of those who purport to be ‘mediums’ should remind themselves of a ‘Spiritualist Principle' – compensation and retribution in the hereafter for all the good and evil things we do on earth!

Spiritual Mediumship carries with it a great responsibility. The genuine, trained and nurtured Spiritual Medium will use their gift to build and support, so never to cause pain, grief or hurt.

Many years ago a local medium gave me a message, relating to a person being physically sick. The congregation in the church laughed, because of her gesticulated expressions. The person she was referring to was in fact my father, no laughing matter when you think this was indicative of a person who passed from this life with the physical condition of colon cancer. I didn’t laugh. But I had seen him after his traumatic passing. I had the fortune of seeing beyond the veil of physical death. The sad reality is that not everyone is so fortunate – long may we have genuine Spiritual Mediums.

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