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Re: Communicating with my husband herminio
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 15 June 2013
In Response To: Communicating with my husband herminio (Arlene)

Dear Arlene

Thank you for the question.

With all enquiries about spiritual matters, I take the wording as verbatim (to the letter), in literal context. The reason for this is simple: I can only work upon your information, owing to the fact that although I gain inspiration and insight, I have not experienced exactly what you have placed into words.

Nonetheless, I can give you my considered answer, working upon the limited information you provide. First of all, let’s take a step back and look at what happens within the interaction of spiritual intercourse. I work every day with people who are grieving the loss of a loved-one. I am involved daily with individuals who have just lost a person close to them. In short and simple terms: I interact in a world where I encounter many people who believe that death is final and the end. Unfortunately, the work of the paranormal, egocentric psychics and so called mediums, make a mockery of the genuinely gifted people we have throughout the world. This growth in the foolhardy, glory seekers clouds the work we aspire to conduct.

Proof is a difficult and individual matter. However, reading your account is very interesting, and one where I believe, you have been very, very fortunate. You ask for a ‘sign’, your words account for far more than just a sign. I find it hard to believe you need any more proof. Some people spend a lifetime seeking and with only ‘blind faith’, hold onto the hope of gaining a glimpse into the ‘World of Eternal Light’. It would be extremely hard to conceive how your husband, or a companion in ‘Light’, could have given you more. Even with gaining proof, we also have to come part of the way. Spiritual interaction is, after all, not just one-way traffic. Look at the old saying; “It takes two to Tango”!! I would accept what you have seen is through the ‘landscape of a dream’, you have recollection of the interaction between the “Two-Worlds”, recall of a moment, through your memory of seeing, sensing and remembering what has been given in the place we often call the ‘Astral Plane’.

I suggest you look at some of my posts on “Spiritualist Resources”, or look at my website www.stephenwakeling.com there are pages where both ‘Astral’ and ‘Dreams’ are looked into with greater depth. Also, if you take away the imagery you have mentioned in your words, take an objective look and you will see all the realisation of eternal life. To clarify this point, you should appreciate, you have experienced something very special. You have gained an insight into something that many, many people would hope to gain for themselves. In simple terms, you have had a glimpse, beyond the veil that man calls death, and that is eternity, which awaits us all!

I wish you understanding of spiritual matters.

Kindest thoughts in Light and Peace


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