Medium Stephen Wakeling Answers Your Questions

Consequence of premature death on a soul. Soul consciousness & relatives at time of death
Date: 6 May 2013

Dear Sir,

I will be very grateful if you could let me know as to the following:

(1) From your esteemed experience, when does the soul become fully conscious after clinical death?

(2) Do the relatives on the other side meet him/her now or after the soul crosses the dark tunnel/energy curtain/veil of death?

(3) Is there anything like premature death/death which shouldn't have occurred? In such cases, what are the consequences to the soul? Does any compensation awaits him/her by way of a longer new birth/completing the remainder in a new body and the yet another birth to be on the track? Some people feel (even I do), there is no such thing as premature/unplanned death. But in India there is a belief (appears ridiculous) that if a person dies due to, say somebody else's mistake as in a doctor's misadventure/ or in an accident, the poor soul has to be reborn to complete the period of life he should have lived. As if he/she has to compensate for some body else's mistake. By this logic (?) -both the murderer and the murdered pay. What is your experience?

(4) How do you ensure that the soul to be contacted alone comes through and not some other ? Do photograph of the person help here?

(5) Since I can't come to England now, what would you advise me if I need to communicate with my dear mother just to ensure she is fine?

Here, I would like to know if you do e-mail readings and the fees for the same. I do have Skype but have never used the same.

Thanking You With Regards,