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Re: My husband recently passed away
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 5 May 2013
In Response To: My husband recently passed away (Lisa)

Dear Lisa

I am sorry to hear your sad news about your husband. May I point out that the process of these questions and answers is one of replies which are generic by nature? In simple terms, I do not give specific message, only support, knowledge and direction. Unfortunately, the internet has many draws backs; as such it is impossible and foolhardy to even try to provide specific spiritual messages from those who have left the world of earth.

However, you question is one that really lies with yourself. One problem can be that when someone has recently lost (as you infer), there may exist a barrier built upon expectations. It may be you receive information on a first visit to a ‘Spiritual Church/Centre’, alternatively it may take longer. Sadly, there is no hard or set formula, just try to be patient, have an open-mind, gradually the veil of uncertainty with be drawn to one side.

It is always more difficult when there has been a period when one may not be speaking, prior to someone passing over. This is not unusual, and often a cause of concern, for those who have been close to each other in this life. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t stop spiritual interaction, because those who have moved forward are more attuned to the higher vibrations of spirituality. Matters of this world obviously concern our loved-ones who have passed-over. Even so, once we come to terms with the difficulties of life, they are heartened, this encouragement helps spiritual intercourse, between loved-ones who are left here in this ‘World of Matter’.

The point you make about what a person feels after their transition from this life is a point mentioned many times through the numerous questions to “Spiritualist Resources”. The answer is quite simple. Loved ones in the next dimension are released from this world’s restrictions, problems, and narrowness of thought. In a world of serenity, peace, and tranquility, loved-ones are able to understand so much more. The definitive answer is that they care more and know more than we do. As such, problems of the past offer no barriers to future happiness together on our reunion in the ‘Great Light of Eternity’.

On a point of suffering: all I know is that whatever pain or grief in this world, all sadness, sorrow and heartache is taken away, within our illumination of greater knowledge, care and support.

Showers of Blessings


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