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Re: Spirit message vs. imagination
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 22 March 2010
In Response To: Spirit message vs. imagination (Myra)

May I say thank you for your very kind words about my evening of Clairvoyance at Portobello Spiritualist Church in the great City of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Regarding your question, you mention the most important faculty of the spirit Imagination. My old spiritual teacher said: Without imagination we would all be standing, unless someone thought about a chair! During my spiritual training when talking about the Mind I mention the various processes and capacity of the mind. The focal points and the strength of imagination, you have been using this part of your mind for many years; perhaps now is a time to extend your imagination, use your natural senses. Our sixth sense is an extension that brings greater awareness, attunement through improving sensitivity and expressing the spiritual through the gaining peace and oneness with your inner-self.

Simple yes, but some is the interactions between the two-worlds are simple, natural and a divine opportunity to glimpse through the eternal portal of life. The doorway between the physical and spiritual worlds goes out into eternity and beyond, the world where spiritual communication is open to all souls. So, allow your imagination to stimulate your spiritual capacity; commonsense however is the lever that allows the doorway to open wider!

I am very sorry to hear about your tragic loss, it is always particularly difficult where there is a child that has passed away and so young with all the innocence and purity. It is also extremely sad to hear of the baby with severe difficulties, my heart goes out to you and your family.

I have looked for Spiritualist Churches, or Centres, in Northern Ireland, and can only find the one you spoke about in Belfast. I will try to find others. I know there is Inish Rath Island in County Fermanagh but again this may be too far away.

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