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Re: Why am i loosing everything?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 22 March 2010
In Response To: Why am i loosing everything? *NM* (Anita)

Unfortunately there is not enough information to be precise. However, taking a restricted view, that the situation could be one of many perhaps a medical, material or spiritual one.

If it is a medical situation I would recommend that you speak top a doctor or qualified medically trained practitioner. If on the other hand you are referring to a spiritual or material there are for all of us points in our physical lives where everything seems to be against us or a sense of losing control. This situation is part of the process of life, affecting some people more than others, but a part of life nonetheless. There is a spiritual anecdote given to me many years ago whilst in a period of great difficulty Hard work and effort, is the workbench for all knowledge and spiritual understanding.

So with so much limited information I am taking the option of looking at this question of one that relates to the situation in which you are at this moment in time. Therefore, may I draw your attention to a piece of information that as much wealth of knowledge and may give you an insight in the reasons for the situations you are in, the information is taken from a great Spiritual Teacher Silver Birch.

What you must know before you die?

"Every soul knows before it incarnates into earth what it is that it will undertake. It is a free choice made by the larger self because it knows that its earthly journey is precisely the one needed to fulfil and obtain the necessary qualifications for the development of the larger self. You know the life that you are going to live. The hardships are chosen because to endure them, and to overcome them, will bring into play those latent qualities of the self which require development to add their quota to the real, the higher, the true self."

Silver Birch

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