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Re: Mediumship or energy healing?
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 3 March 2013
In Response To: Mediumship or energy healing? (Nicole)

Dear Nicole

Well I must confess, I had to read, and read again your question. To be honest, I would like to be objective; except there is so much confusion in your words, it is almost impossible to provide a realistic answer. At one point you mention being in contact, and to help people; in another, your say you’ve had some “abnormal” experiences. Regarding the point of abnormal experiences, I am at a total loss, because there is nothing abnormal, or strange about the natural communication with the ‘World of Light’.

One clear point I noticed was the amount of times you mentioned the word ‘I’, thirty-two times. ‘I’ the individual is not the important aspect of spirituality. Yes, we are individuals, all playing our part, though the inference should always be upon supporting others and not ‘self’. If it is not, the individual medium/healer becomes predominant, and this should not be the situation. If one dwells upon the ‘self’, the essence, or heart, of our spiritual purpose, becomes inconsequential and meaningless.

My simple response is for you to gain spiritual understanding and verity. A stable base is needed; without a solid foundation, you cannot build anything, or gain balance, essential for using the gift of mediumship. The word ‘gift’ is imperative, the core of which is ‘Divine’ by nature’....... It is not what we want, it is the gift – the great light, we possess within our being, which responds to our abilities in all things; whether material or spiritual. Simply, you must find yourself and that is not just through having a year in solitude, or meditation. In the present day, there are too many people who wish for things they cannot have. Mediumship is just another of the effects people desire, little do they realise the years of dedication, work, effort and depth of understanding one has to attain, to realise the true essence of the words – ‘Spiritual Medium/Healer’.

Your words in the latter part of your question refer to costs. If finance is a major issue I suggest you attend a local Spiritualist Church/Centre; you will find normal Sunday Services which only account for a small donation. Alternatively, read through the many pages of “Spiritualist Resources”, check out the internet. I am sure you will find this cost effective. Once you have gained a spiritual balance and have grasped what your ‘gift’ is, then I am sure the ‘Spirit World’ will direct you to the right opening for you. Just be patient everything in this world takes time.......

In understanding and Light


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