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Re: Mediumship and Christian upbringing
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 17 February 2013
In Response To: Mediumship and Christian upbringing (Debbie)

Hello Debbie

Thanks you for an interesting question on your religious upbringing, a topic which resonates with many people I have spoken to over the years.

I find your first sentence interesting - though the terminology of ‘people died’ always seems strange - when you speak about your ability to interact with those who have entered into the ‘Golden Light of Eternity’. Therefore, I am a little confused when your second sentence asserts in your words a scary experience. Perhaps, you should try to exchange spiritual dialog through your ‘Companions in Light’, or gain greater knowledge, through reading or study about the transfer of information from the ‘World of Light’ that stimulates the mind of people in all dimensions of life. Your interaction with ‘Spirit’, allows for you to receive information for others, something that happens to everyone in one way or another, for example, through passing a message (as you mention) or grasping inspiration, mental imagery, or other stimulus that opens the mind for the betterment of humanity.

You mention not being able to handle spirit communication. To this there is a simple answer: You need to have the support of a spiritually able person who can provide a structured approach to unfolding your spiritual capacity and divine gift(s). This is not an easy task, but knowledge and understanding will take away fear and provide a stable platform for you to use your ability, by taking away fear and building your latent skills. The answer to this point is to enrol on an appropriate ‘Spiritual Development Course’, perhaps looking for a local Spiritualist Church/Centre. I am not advocating you should move into mainstream Spiritualism. On the contrary, I am of the ‘old belief’ that Spiritualism, like all religions and faiths, is only one of many pathways, ultimately leading to the horizon, each one, has its own values and restraints.

You also mention you early roots in Christianity, and the devil. First of all I am not sure about there being a ‘Devil’. Perhaps the devil exists, but only in the minds of those with little knowledge and superstitions, languishing in the lowlands of ignorance, where only fools and monkeys chatter! Again, I hear the words of ‘bad spirits’ another reference that finds its roots in the long gone dark-days of history, not in the enlightened minds of the spiritually evolved. There is an old say: “Like attracts Like – and Light attracts Light”, darkness befalls those who seek within the recesses of the darkened mind. Clear sight is gained by people who seek all that is good, through acquiring light and peace. I know my pathway. My advice is simple: join those who have taken hold of the light of spiritual attainment.

In conclusion, find what is in your own heart, what you are comfortable with, and what makes you happy. Once you find your own path in life, you will learn to extend you own spirituality and expand your own capacity. Like you I was brought up as a Christian. Though I have been involved as a Spiritualist for over 30 years; I now feel that my work (particularly with undertaking many funeral services) has moved me away from conventional Spiritualism. I now embrace a wider vision that is open-minded with inclusive thought, taking a ‘Universalist’ approach to spiritual growth. Spiritualism in my view has changed significantly, moving into the mainstream, becoming centric to its own views and dismissive of the wider vision of the ‘World of Light’. The changes within Spiritualism will, I feel, make it more difficult for you and many other people who seek the truths of life both in this ‘World of Earth’ and our companions in the ‘World of Soul’. Nonetheless, seek out you own spirituality, think not of darkness and allow the natural movement of communication to fulfil your own reservoir of potential.

Showers of Light and Peace


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