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Re: My "Kiki"
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 12 February 2013
In Response To: My "Kiki" (Iris)

Dear Iris

I answer many questions about pets, sadly there is only so much I can say without fear on contradicting myself. However my family and I have been pet owners for as far back as my memory takes me. Be that as it may, I am very sorry to hear of your very sad loss of your Shih-Tzu Kiki.

On Christmas Eve, just gone, I had to have my American Red Persian “George” put to sleep. Sadly, at 15 years, the aging of time had caught up with him and unlike a person, I at least had the option of taking away the physical pain for him. All I can say is, peace and understanding becomes a little easier once you have gained an understanding of the movement between the ‘Two-Worlds’ – though we still miss him being around in the physical sense.

When you lose a pet, the pain a loving owner feels, after your loved companion pet has left this life, is little understood with the thoughts of many of the general populace. The same goes for psychologists and general medical practitioners. People who experience pet bereavement are often left alone, at the receiving end of: ‘Don't make such a fuss, I remember a friend of mine who passed on etc!’ Often attitudes from work colleagues, friends, or family, do not help, leaving you with unanswered questions, loneliness and in some cases guilt.

Accepting the points in my previous paragraph, let us move to the main point of your question giving reference to a ‘Pet Reader’. The point of Kiki being in a state of confusion and doesn’t understand! In my opinion – total rubbish, nonsense and hogwash I hear some ridicule statements; but this is absolute twaddle. It amazes me where these people get their ideas from, most certainly not the ‘World of Light and Peace’ that is for sure. I am sorry to say you have been given a stupid answer, one which should be placed in the trash-bin, a response from a person with little or no understanding about the movement of life from one-energy to another. I have taken a little time to search around to see if there is anyone who specialises within the world of animals. I am sure there are genuine specialists who work in this field of expertise. But, the web links I looked at all ultimately lead to those who seek only the financial rewards upon the ‘money-go-round’ of the dollar, pound, or euro. My conclusion is simple; they were not much help to you, or anyone else! I find it a very natural thing for an animal lover to build a ‘special and close relationship’ with their ‘Pet’, particularly when they have been together the amount of years you mentioned in your question. Some people cannot understand this relationship at all. Nonetheless, it is often easier, to develop affection and to build up a strong interaction with the animal world. The reason for this is simple; there are no ‘strings attached’, a problem which often clutters people relationships. Pets give unconditional love; all they need is food, shelter, and love!

Like you, I have seen many of my family pets leave this world. Of course it is heartbreaking and painful; yet the bond of love still holds and maintains a connection between them and us. A major problem for many people is grasping the normal interaction between this world and the eternal ‘World of Light’, which in reality is a movement from one-energy field into another. Humanity has developed fears and concerns with the terminology of ‘Life and Death’. Clouded thoughts often clutter people’s heads; either from silly ghost stories, preconceived ideas, or indoctrination from one theological source or another. Take away these illogical thoughts and ideas away, and no problems exist – the interaction and movement of life in its totality is simple, natural and logical. This is why the animal world, including cats, dogs and other pets, understand the process of movement from this world to the next is a natural reality for them!

Without doubt your treasured pet will still be with you, supporting and giving what the animal world does best, giving their unrestricted love, a love given in its clearest sense. Perhaps if you realise that all living things have an ‘Aura’, that is an electro-magnetic force field. This force field’s composite aggregate ‘energy’ cannot be killed, or destroyed it simply changes it structure – like water into steam the process of change! All of humankind and our dearly loved pets are subject to change which happens to us all, when we leave this world and enter into the ‘Gates of Eternity’.

The movement of the ‘Cycle of Life’ moves forward, like the minutes of a clock. Fortunately I have the knowledge and spiritual awareness to know that all of our loved-ones (including our Pets), are not far away – just a heart-beat away in ‘light’. I have had Chocolate and Yellow Labradors, Cats, Rabbits; I even bred mice when I was a boy, on reflection (not a difficult pastime) I suppose! I have since seen most of them again through my gift of objective clairvoyance. Yes, they were as real as real can be! Alive yes - and they await us, just a small step away in the ‘Eternal World of Light’.

The bridge between you and Kiki is not through the grief and pain you feel now. More it is through the attachment of love you build up together over the years. Grief is an expression of love, and love is the bridge between the ‘Two-Worlds’, the connection that will keep you together. Kiki will be well, cared for and awaiting you, when eventually you, like all of us, complete the earthly cycle of physical life and enter into the ‘Realms of Eternity’, together again in peace – and for all time!

Showers of Blessings


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