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Re: communicating with spirits
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 22 March 2010
In Response To: communicating with spirits (Carla)

This is a question that I am asked more, and more and more these days. Why? The reason is simple, because there are many people who are not truly gifted for the work of spiritual mediumship, but wish the fame and so called glorification.

For this and obviously other reasons it makes it ever increasingly difficult for people like yourself to find a true medium. The work of the spiritual medium is to support the grieving and wipe away tears of sadness, but there are genuine people all around the world. May I suggest that in the first instance you checkout Spiritualist Resources, this will give you an indication of mediums that live close to you. There is the Spiritualist National Union in the United Kingdom http://www.snu.org.uk and the National Spiritualist Association of Churches in North America http://www.nsac.org of course there are others around the world. If you check on-line just be aware of people who make exaggerated, and speculative claims and those who it is clear only work for the amount of money they can make.

I do not take e-mail readings; the reason for this is that I work on a different spiritual vibration, each to their own! But, please try to remember that anyone who says they can contact a particular person are wrong, the communication comes from those in the World of Light and we have no control over any message received. Mediums receive information and then simply pass it on, each one of us are mediums are different that is what makes our work so special when we are in harmony with each other and the supreme energy force.

May I suggest that you try to have an-open mind, communication is not just restricted to mediums, which are in fact only a channel for communication. But, those in the World of Light can reach us in many ways, through our normal senses, feel, hear, smell or even gain a glimpse of loved ones who have passed-on. The door to eternity is through the mind and the key to the door is unconditional love. It may take time for you. But, there are genuine spiritual mediums, if you still get no answers, then you can e-mail me through my website, but try to be patient and allow an opening of opportunity and remember that we can often reach our loved ones through the landscape of a dream the mind is less turbulent during sleep, allowing access for our spiritual friends to make contact with us.

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