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Re: Dreams of spirit
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 28 January 2013
In Response To: Dreams of spirit (Carol)

Dear Carole

The process of dreams is an area of interest for believers and non-believers in spiritual matters. Indeed, this is a subject which goes back through the many pages of history, chronicled through words and drawings since the dawn of time.

In a nutshell, dreaming is a natural phenomenon. At times, we move into what we spiritually refer to as: “The Astral Plane”. It is there that we interact with the reality of the ‘processes of life’. Yes, we grasp a brief interface with our loved-ones, and then as if tumble back, into this ‘World of Earth’. Whilst in the state of sleep, we gain rest, reassurance, and understanding and of course inspiration, to stimulate our ‘spiritual facilities’ for the benefit of other people. So, the answer to your question is within your own words. Yes, you have a message, a simple one! Your loved ones are around and about helping your daughter through the trials and tribulations of this world.

To understand a little more, I have added a “Footnote” for your attention, with further reading about ‘Dreams and Dreaming’ on my website, also placed below.

Yours in knowledge and understanding



Footnote of Dreams and Dreaming!

The process of dreaming is an interactive communication between your body, mind and spirit, recognised as a symbolic communicative environmental state of being. In layman’s terms there is a process within our brains, which is constantly active. We acknowledge there are altered states of consciousness, moving between being fully awake, meditative, asleep, alert, lethargic, excited, bored, or when we are simply daydreaming. Each individual state of consciousness causes distinct brain wave activity.

The conscious mind is the part we refer to as the thinking element – our portal into life. This takes up a very small portion of our brain activity. Dreams are identified as a succession of mental pictures, or images, which provide ideas, emotions and sensations. These images occur freely in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Some scientists and interested observers believe this is in relation to only ten percent of the conscious minds activities. The remaining areas control aspects such as breathing, heartbeat, converting light to vision, sound, and balance when we walk and so on. This too has its own small percentage. A further area controls our imagination, which involved the process of creativity and making of mental pictures. For too many people, this is an area widely undiscovered, yet undergoing much ongoing research.

Mental imagination is much more than purely dreaming of a new holiday, or picturing something of which you may desire. If you look at movement, or at rolling clouds, you see numerous shapes, colours and see images, this is the process of disseminating ‘order from chaos’ again, a component of your imagination. In general terms, the mind doesn’t compact well with disorder and chaos; in reality it resists them in its pursuit of order. It is recognised that ‘order’ is an important component to the dreaming process. This too occupies a small percentage of brain activity. Subsequently there is a most important faculty of the mind – memory. Memory is a vast area, that absorbs more of the brains resources than generally people believe.

If you seek further information, perhaps you may look at the bottom of my website click and under “Articles” and you will see a couple of boxes again at the bottom of the page, go into Page 2 and you will see the full article, even a transcription from Aristotle written in 350 B.C. (or use the link below)

Dreams really do go back through the annals of time and will continue until the world as we know it, ceases.

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