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Re: My 8 year old
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 28 January 2013
In Response To: My 8 year old (KayKay)

Hello Kay,

Thank you for the question. After much thought and reflection I believe the situation you describe points to spiritual awareness within the comprehension of a young child. There is nothing unusual when a child is aware of forces beyond that of this earthly ‘World of Matter’. The situation is often spoken about, by many people, all the way through the pages of history, an occurrence prevalent in all cultures through every part of this world.

You mention a physical illness or in spiritual terminology a (condition). I am of the understanding that nothing, not even a medical problem, affects any interaction with the spiritual. In short, the two are separate issues. The first issue is that one should be aware that the physical body has no ‘gifts’! It is the spirit, or to be more precise, the ‘soul’ that possesses all gifts, which are a reflection of the divine presence, that gives us all life itself. Additionally, I am not a medical practitioner, or doctor; as such I am in no position to provide information, or detail about physical ailments, or illness. On the other hand; my knowledge of spirituality matters is to have attained an understanding about spiritual matters, and areas of understanding, built upon common-sense and years of study. I see a simple situation, where a natural, not super-natural, occurrence is basically the answer to your question. The recent growth in the paranormal, ghosts and things that go bump in the night, is often the route leading to uncertainty and fear.

With children there is no fear. It is for this reason: this is why children interact freely with those from the spiritual dimensions, taken for what it is - natural. Sadly, we all, through fear, take a step backwards, then the whole process becomes clouded, until we open-up again, through our own spirituality. The ‘Spirit World’ allows each of us to unfold our earthly lives. Our spiritual companions work through the facets of our mind, or, from what we would term a distance. This last sentence may answer your point about when “she feels like someone is watching her,”: One would hazard to guess that there are those from the ‘Light’ who look on, helping, supporting and working through the mind - nothing to fear, it happens to all of us. It is only the ignorant, or those with lack of understanding, or knowledge, who have fear. Our ‘Companions of ‘Light’ are guidance of goodness, peace and support.

In conclusion I understand this situation will soon be gone! Like a fleeting cloud which moves again on a bright summers day.

In Peace and Light


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