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Re: growling
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 6 January 2013
In Response To: growling (geraldine)

Dear Geraldine

It is rather unusual for me to reply with an answer consisting of so few words. The reason for this is quite simple because my thought goes back to an example my spiritual teacher gave me over 30 years ago. The answer to your question lies within this lesson: “Don’t blame invisible forces for your own short-comings”. Simply, try to look for a natural, not supernatural experience. You were probably either asleep, dreaming, or a point of relaxation, nothing unusual, an experience we all have during our physical lifespan.

I have read through your question quite a few times. I am drawn to the conclusion of a normal situation. The image of - in your words - freaking out is a reflection of fear, built upon lack of knowledge and held within your own feelings. Initially, you have to overcome fear, for fear if left to grow, becomes nothing more than a cancer, which can gnaw away at your heart. There is nothing in the ‘Spiritual World of Light’ which causes harm, pain, anxiety or distress. In many cases, the problem lies at the feet of the growth in the paranormal which takes one down the corridor of ghosts, apparitions and darkness. There is nothing to fear from our friends and spiritual travellers, who interact between the ‘Two-Worlds’. Spiritual friends are highly developed dedicated people, not ones who frighten us. Why? An easy answer because they are enlightened souls, guardians of peace and love.

My honest opinion is, the concerns you talk about, are held within your own psyche. You mention the growling; again this cannot be from any spiritual energy. Why, the answer is simple: there is no such thing as negative energy. I believe there is a natural flow of energy, which runs through everything, and whose source is divine by nature. It is only misguided people, who through their own inadequacies, develop and increase their own negative thoughts. This in turn allows them to enter and dwell within negative and closed minds. Positivity will always prevail, once you use the power and conviction of your own spirituality, and grasp the truths; purpose of natural reasoning will follow within the tapestry of life.

In the development of spirituality, move forward in knowledge and understanding.

Kindest thoughts


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