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Re: hoy vi un hombre de capucha blanca
By:Stephen Wakeling
Date: 23 December 2012
In Response To: hoy vi un hombre de capucha blanca (Tania)

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Today I played with my brother’s karaoke and saw by my side a man in a white hood, as a kind of monk. I shouted out loud and bring my hands to the hundreds, the image is not afraid, just vanished with my shout. My brother saw nothing and my mother was lying down and not anything, she just saw me cry out and what I said..... "No one saw it was a white hood as a robbed ...”. They both laughed and kept playing; I was less than a meter away. The "monk" was tall, Alvino and was not afraid, nor empathy and never saw one image. In fact I do not care, only that the "monk" staring at my brother. I really intriguing for an answer, I write seeking data that can make me understand this episode. This happened today December 15th 2012 at 21: 30 pm or so.

Greetings and Thanks Tania

Stephen's Answer

Hola Tania

Thank you for your question. I am sorry that your words have had to be translated from Espanola to English for me to reply to you. Consequently I will try to provide a short answer for you.

What you describe is seeing the ‘form’ of spirit, this could well be the reason why only you were conscious of the man at the side of you, because the purpose was for you alone to see, and not for others. To me it shows an awareness of spiritual matters, and could be one of many things. Yes, it could be what is often described as a ‘Spirit Guide or Companion’, or a person who through the movement of the ‘Two-Worlds’ was only capable of being seen clearer. The energy required to show the form of spirit fluctuates, as such clearness can often be difficult, hence only seeing one colour - in your case, ‘a white hood’. Perhaps, the person presented to you was a Monk; obviously I was not there, so I suggest you go along with your own intuition.

The interesting point you say is that you had no fear; this alone indicates spiritual aptitude and experience. Also, with the situation you illustrate I would ascertain you are spiritual aware and have potential for extending your own spiritual capacity. Seeing spirit is a marvellous experience. Sadly nowadays with some much talk about ghosts, people become fearful. You didn’t. The existence of no fear is key to your spirituality and opening of any ‘gifts’, nothing is by chance, there is a reason for all things. My conclusion is simple, you have ability and the ‘Spirit World’ interacts in and around your energy field. As such you will find that people who have moved from this dime-twilight world of earth will be capable of stimulating your thoughts in a positive way, and thus, you will be able to help other people – a truly great gift!

With light and positive thoughts


Google Spanish Translation of Stephen's Answer

Hola Tania

Gracias por su pregunta. Lamento que tus palabras han tenido que ser traducido al Inglés de Española mi respuesta a usted. Por lo tanto voy a tratar de dar una respuesta corta para ti.

Lo que usted describe es ver a la "forma" del espíritu, esto bien podría ser la razón por la que sólo eras consciente del hombre al lado de ustedes, porque el propósito era para ti solo para ver, y no para otros. A mí me demuestra un conocimiento de las cosas espirituales, y podría ser una de muchas cosas. Sí, podría ser lo que es a menudo descrito como un "espíritu guía o compañero”, o una persona que a través del movimiento de los" Dos Mundos "fue sólo capaz de ser visto más claro. La energía necesaria para mostrar la forma de espíritu fluctúa, como tal claridad a menudo puede ser difícil, por lo tanto, sólo ver un color - en su caso, “una capucha blanca ". Tal vez, la persona presentada a usted era un monje, obviamente yo no estaba allí, así que te sugiero que vayas con tu propia intuición.

El punto interesante que decir es que no tenía miedo, lo que por sí solo indica aptitud y experiencia espiritual. Además, con la situación que ilustran que determinaría que sois espirituales, conscientes y tienen potencial para la ampliación de su capacidad espiritual. Al ver Espirita, es una experiencia maravillosa, por desgracia hoy en día con algunos hablan mucho acerca de los fantasmas, la gente se vuelve temeroso, no lo hiciste. La existencia de ningún miedo es la clave de su espiritualidad y la apertura de cualquiera de los 'regalos', nada es casual, hay una razón para todo. Mi conclusión es simple, usted tiene la capacidad y el "mundo de los espíritus” interactúa en y alrededor de su campo de energía. Como tal, usted encontrará que las personas que se han trasladado de este mundo crepuscular moneda de diez centavos de tierra será capaz de estimular sus pensamientos de una manera positiva, y por lo tanto, usted será capaz de ayudar a otras personas - un regalo verdaderamente grande!

Con pensamientos de luz y positivo


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